Texas Hold’em Online Tournament – How To Deal With The Extreme Swings

Texas Hold’em Online has more swings then any other game.

Because you are playing online you are seeing three times as many hands then you would see in person.

You can go from being up several hundred or even thousand to in hours, sometimes minutes.

You really have to be careful how you play this game online. Always keep track with an on-going log of your bankroll.

I personally like to know down to the penny how much I have deposited/withdrawled in the last couple of days.

I recommend to my students to set a daily/weekly/and monthly budget for poker.
If you do not set a budget and a goal, you will not succeed in this game.
It is a game of huge swings.

When I won my first tournament, I cashed for about $3900.

I was on such what I call a “poker high” I joined EVERY tournament
The buy-ins ranged from $50 all the way up to $215

Needless to say, I lost most of that money back within two weeks.


I did not take the time to sit down to see how much money I need to take out or ANYTHING, I just GAMBLED.

This is not HEALTHY. You need to look at poker as a business.

Is it good business to put all your eggs in one basket?

No! The most successful investors are the ones who took calculated risks, but also diversified themselves.

Keep that thought in perspective before you look at your balance as $109 and decide to put it all on one tournament.

Until next time, Good luck at the tables!